Internship program


This is an exciting and hands-on internship for students interested in developing skills related to the direct implementation of trade compliance programs, policies, and procedures to help ensure compliance with the government of the importer country, and exporter country, with respective import and export regulations. 

Background of this Internship

With the gradual disappearance of the tariffs from most major economies, the non-tariff measures are globally on the rise. These are in the forms of sanitary and phytosanitary norms, technical standards & regulations on products, etc. These are typically based upon the objectives to improved product quality and protect human health & environment. Broadly the specific objectives of the technical standards and regulations are: 

  • Protect: from adverse implications of products on human health and the environment.
  • Minimize: risk from handling, use, and exposure of products - workers and consumers.
  • Enhance: competitiveness and development of the respective sectors. 

In the European Union, since the early 1990s there has been growing support within the environmental policymakers to focus on product-based regulation and as a result, several of the regulations have already been enacted by the EU. These include Waste for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), both implicating Electronics Industry; End of Life Vehicle Directive (ELV) for automobile industry; and Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation affecting several sectors but more importantly the chemical sector; Energy-related Products directive (ErP) implicating primarily electrical appliances.  These new regimes of product-based environmental regulations are based upon policy tools such as Extended Producer’s Responsibility (EPR) and Precautionary Principle and these have been embedded in the framework policy instrument of the European Union “Integrated Product Policy” under which all the above-mentioned regulations are covered. 

As a result, other countries are following the suit and are enacting their versions of regulations in these sectors. For example, RoHS & WEEE type regulations are adapted in China, India, Australia, UAE, USA, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey. Similarly, REACH (chemicals) like regulations are adapted in China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Russia (Eurasia), Taiwan, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, etc. Further, the complex trans-national supply-chains of these industry sectors make suppliers of substances, products, and components, part to such regulation, even when they are not geographically located in the regulating country. This requires suppliers of substances, components, and products, to be compliant with the regulation of the country where they are being placed. The compliance measures may require – disclosure requirements; communication in the supply chain of safety consideration; hazard & precaution labeling; redesign – safer, less hazardous, recyclable, efficient, reduced resource & energy intensity, etc.  

This internship program would support research in the area of product-based environmental regulation involving but not limited to: trend analysis, impact analysis, comparative analysis of different country regulations, implementation strategy, and stakeholder – roles and responsibilities, compliance strategy, redesign, recycling, risk assessment, challenges, catalyzing strategies, etc.   

About Global Product Compliance (GPC) Group

Global Product Compliance (GPC) specializes in Global Regulatory Compliance Solutions. Since 2008, GPC has emerged as one of the leading names among Global Regulatory Compliance service providers with Representation services in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for respective chemical regulations. 

Our over 1000 Happy Clients are a testimony to the great rapport we share with them and the fine quality that we offer in our services. This is also reflected in the fact that we have about 99% customer retention (Client loyalty) and we have had over 172 companies opting to switch over to us from other service providers, for better and cost-effective services.

Our extensive experience in regulatory compliance services started with EU REACH but our large client base has motivated us to venture into every new regulation that has emerged over the past few years like Cosmetics Regulations (EU, India and the USA), Korea and Turkey REACH, and the regulations in the UK, Eurasia, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, China, US, Canada, Latin America, etc. 

Being India's largest regulatory compliance service provider, GPC has been actively contributing to the finalization of India’s chemical regulation and policy (Indian Chemical (Management and Safety) Rules (CMSR)). Indian Ministry of Commerce has commissioned GPC for several studies and reports which have contributed significantly to the upcoming Indian CMSR. 

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How and when to apply?

We offer internship twice a year and our interns typically join us during their fall and spring semester.
Next application period for GPC Internship 2021 will be opened later. For more information please contact [email protected]. Also, follow us on the LinkedIn Page on GPC Intens.