Only Representative (OR)
SSS Korea Ltd. provides technical assistance and regulatory compliance services to non-Korean chemical manufacturers and exporters who are subject to K-REACH. OR is an intermediary who fulfils relevant obligations under K-REACH on behalf of the non-Korean chemical manufacturers and exporters. As an OR, SSS Korea is responsible for managing the compliant status of substances; documenting K-REACH compliant SDS; managing CICO and supply chain communication; issuing compliance certificates to buyers; managing various regulatory submissions and following up on various communications with competent authorities/bodies.

Chemical registration
The Act on Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances (often called K-REACH) had come into effect in South Korea from 1 st January 2015. SSS Korea acts as an OR on behalf of non-Korean manufacturers and has helped many non-Korean clients with the following services for their businesses:

  • Registration (in the first deadline of 31st June 2018)
  • Pre-registration (to be done before 30th June 2019 - like EU REACH)
  • Reporting the uses and quantity of the chemical substances, under Article 8 of the regulation
  • Submitting the risk assessment report based on the tonnage exported
  • Compliance certificate

Compliance certificate
SSS Korea has developed systems and tools to efficiently perform due diligence via document verification and inspections and issue compliance certificates. Compliance certification is frequently required by the buyer so that it can continue to trade with a particular supplier and SSS Korea does various checks and in case there are gaps it first facilitates supplier to fulfil the gaps and then issues the certificate. Currently, SSS Korea provides OR confirmation certificate and registered tonnage coverage certificate to various downstream users after verifying all relevant details of the client such as agreements, active status, substances, tonnage, uses, etc.

  • For these two-Safety Data Sheets and Study monitoring and management-sections, transfer the contents under the services tab in SSS Korea webpage to GPC Korea.The contents are as follows.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
GPC group provides qualified service of authoring Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) in accordance with Global Harmonized System (GHS) and regulations based upon GHS by various countries and regions for the chemical substances and preparations.We provide SDS authoring for over 35 countries in their local languages and English.

A sixteen-chapter SDS authoring includes substance specific information, classification, labelling and packaging of substance, first aid measures, fire-fighting measures, toxicological and phys ico - chem ical properties, relevant exposure scenario of the substance, regulatory information and transport regulation requirement of the substance. Typically, an SDS authoring is completed within seven working days.

Study monitoring and management
GPC group coordinates with a network of reputed Contract Research Organisations (OECD-GLP Certified CROs), wherein we mange studies on behalf of external clients . Besides, we take study contracts and do full study coordination and monitoring on behalf of the sponsor in a more cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We have facilitated several EU and Asian clients in this manner.

We can facilitate following studies, in addition to substance identification, stability and homogeneity studies, from the OECD/GLP compliant laboratories.

Toxicological studies

  • Acute Toxicity (Oral, Dermal, Inhalation)
  • Irritation Studies (Skin and Eye) (In vivoor In vitro)
  • Sensitization
  • Repeated Dose Toxicity (Oral,dermal,inhalation)
  • Reproductive/Developmental Toxicity
  • Genetic Toxicity
  • Carcinogenicity

Ecotoxicological/environmental studies

  • Aquatic Toxicity (Fish, algae, Daphnia)
  • Daphnia Magna Reproduction Test
  • Biodegradation Studies
  • Adsorption and Desorption (Log KOC)

Physico-chemical parameter testing

  • Appearance
  • Melting Point
  • Boiling Point
  • Water Solubility
  • Solubility and Stability in Organic Solvent
  • Density
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Flash Point
  • Flammability
  • Oxidation Properties
  • Partition Coefficient
  • pH Level