Deadline for Pre-registration (Pre-SIEF Notification) for KKDIK (Turkey REACH) is 31st Dec. 2020. There is no late-pre-registration possible and susbtance that are not pre-registered by the deadline will not be allowed to be placed in the Turkish market until their registration is complete



While there are less than 160 days left for the first phase for Turkey’s REACH regulation to conclude, more than 18,000 substances were pre-registered already by the first half of 2020, reportedly.

Pre-registration (or more accurately pre-SIEF notification) has begun on 23rd December 2017 and companies including local manufacturers and importers, as well as non-Turkish manufacturers through only representatives have been submitting their substances via KKS (Chemical Registration System) on the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s e-portal.

It is reported that as of 23rd of June 2020, 872 companies have submitted 77,037 notifications for 18,227 substances to comply with the REACH regulation, KKDIK, which came into force on 23rd of June 2017. As KKDIK does not allow for late pre-registration, companies that have not yet pre-registered their substances are encouraged to do so as early as possible before the 31 December 2020 deadline to not experience loss of business in the Turkish market.

As the number of pre-registered substances grows day-by-day, it is expected for the Ministry to soon publish the official registration fees for different tonnage bands as well as the candidate substances to be included in Annex 14 - authorization list, since the beginning of the registration phase is approaching meanwhile.

To not miss the deadline and experience business loss, you can send us the list of your substances for a free assessment and learn which substances you have to pre-register. You can also check our FAQ for Turkey REACH or contact us for further queries.

TURKEY REACH (KKDIK) Pre-registration phase concluding on 31st December, 2020

Turkey REACH, which had come into force on June 23rd, 2017, had begun its pre-registration phase starting from the 23rd of December 2017 and the closing date as 31st of December 2020.

From 1st Jan 2021 only those companies who have “Pre-Registered” their substances (under transitional article 1 of KKDIK (Turkey Reach) and article 4.2 of the official guide on registration) would be allowed to place substances in Turkey.

Pre-registration under KKDIK is processed via KKS -the chemical registration system under the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s ECBS portal. The portal can only be accessed by legal and real entities residing in Turkey. Non-Turkey enterprises can appoint a Turkish Legal Entity as an Only Representative (similar to EU REACH) to act on your behalf, to comply with KKDIK.   

 Pre-registration phase for Turkey REACH is almost complete. If you have any questions regarding pre-registration under KKDIK,

For Further Details on Turkey REACH (KKDIK) contact:  [email protected][email protected] 

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