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GPC-CHINA provides technical assistance and other chemical regulatory compliance for non-Chinese chemical manufacturers and exporters who need to fulfil the obligations under MEE ORDER 12 and MEE ORDER 7. We offer services for dossier preparation for all notification types, SDS as per CHINESE GHS standards.

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China MEE releases final transitional steps for new chemical notifications

With the deadline for implementation of MEE ORDER 12 is fast approaching, on October 27th, 2020, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) published the Notice on Transitional Arrangements for Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances [1], to ensure the orderly continuity of the new chemical registration work during the transition from the old MEP Order 7 to the new scheme.

MEE has proposed that for applications for environmental management registration of new chemical substances accepted before MEE ORDER 12 takes effect, registration can continue to be processed in accordance with MEP ORDER 7 after the new regulation takes effect, and the deadline is June 30, 2021. So, the government has urged the companies to complete the registration formalities within time, to avoid need for additional testing as per MEE ORDER 12.

In case the registrants wish to change any information in the registration certificate, for example, if they need to change:

  • the notified volume;
  • the activity, such as from manufacture to import; or 
  • the name of the responsible agent or notifier.

The registrants should file for the environmental management of new chemical substances, or reapply for the environmental management registration certificate of new chemical substances rather than re-applying for registration under MEE ORDER 12. Also, the new substance notifiers/registrants will still be required to fulfil some of the post-notification obligations set under MEP Order 7, even after the MEE ORDER 12 comes into force. 

The official Guidance on Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances is expected to come out very soon.

For further details please click on the link: http://www.mee.gov.cn/xxgk2018/xxgk/xxgk01/202010/t20201029_805427.html


Public consultation on the Guidelines for the Registration of Environmental Management of New Substances

China opened a public consultation on the new Guidance on Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances. The draft guideline provides implementation design for the MEE ORDER 12 with regards to the scope of registration, data requirements of registration types, special rules on polymer registration, CBI, CSR, Socio- economic survey report, Post notification obligations and Penalities. 

All the stakeholders i.e organizations, enterprises and institutions and individuals may submit written comments and suggestions in accordance with the form of feedback recommendations by Sept 6 2020.

For further details, please refer this link: