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GPC-CHINA provides technical assistance and other chemical regulatory compliance for non-Chinese chemical manufacturers and exporters who need to fulfil the obligations under MEE ORDER 12 and MEE ORDER 7. We offer services for dossier preparation for all notification types, SDS as per CHINESE GHS standards.

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MEE released the final version of Guidance on New Chemical Substances Registration

To ensure the implementation of Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances (MEE Order No.12), MEE released the final version of Guidance on the application of MEE Order No.12 which is expected to come into force the same day as MEE Order No.12 on 1 January 2020. In the meantime, the previous guidance and its supporting measures issued in 2010 and data requirements issued in 2017 under MEP Order No.7 will be invalided.

This Guidance should be used together with MEE Order No.12 by applicants, agents and processing users. It contains guidance on registration scope, types, procedures, document and data requirement, special rules on polymer, new use management, certificates management, post-registration management and etc. Along with the guidance, relevant registration forms including registration application form, registration management form, information report form, and use code table are also released. Comparing to the previous scattered situation, MEE codified most of the requirements and instruction together into the Guidance and registration form instruction.

Transition Measures from Order No.7 to Order No.12

With the approaching of the implementation of MEE Order No.12, MEE published a transition measure – Notice on Transitional Arrangements for Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substance – on 27th October 2020. This measure aims to ensure the orderly continuity of new chemical substance registration activities during the transition period from MEP Order No.7 to MEE Oder No.12.

According to the transition measure, registration applications submitted under Order No.7 could still be processed under Order No.7 after the 1st January 2021when Order No.12 takes effect. But if a final decision hasn’t been made until 30th June 2021, the registration application has to follow the requirements under Order No.12. For those who obtain the certificates under Order No.7, they still have to fulfill the following obligations after the new regulation come into force next year.

For regular registration certificates holders:

  • Adopting environmental risk control measures according to the certificate requirements.
  • Information communication under Order No.12.
  • New use management applies to hazardous chemical substances characterized under article 3 of Order No.7.

For simplified registration certificate holders:

  • Information communication under Oder No.12.
  • Certificates obtained by research purpose is valid for 2 years since the first activity.

In case registrants wish to change any information on the registration certificate, they need to reapply under MEE Order 12. But changing of information mentioned below could be processed just by applying for changing of information under Article 30 of MEE Order No. 12.

Simplified Registration Certificate

Regular Registration Certificate

  1. The registration annual volume is lower than 1 ton after changing.
  2. Certificate is granted based on research purpose. After changing, the annual volume is lower than 10 ton and the certificate is within the valid period.
  3. Polymers which have less than 2% of monomers or belong to polymer of low concern
  1. Lower down the annual volume.
  2. Plan to change the activity types from producing to import or add import as one of the activities types.
  3. Plan to change the Chinese, English names or CAS number and etc. identification information.
  4. Plan to change applicant’s or agent’s names.