Vietnam Chemical Inventory Notification is open till 15th April 2021

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Second Opportunity to Nominate in Vietnam Chemical Inventory:

Notification to the Vietnam chemical inventory is reopened the notification to the inventory may be done before 15th April 2021. A longer time duration of about six months is provided so that all stakeholders could gather relevant information and nominate the substances to the inventory. Its expected that the final inventory would be published in 2022.

If a substance is not notified into the inventory with the designated period it would be considered as a New substance and would be subjected to Risk Assessment.

information To be submitted in the inventory

For online registration process, company must be a legally registered business entity in Vietnam with a tax identification number. It should submit:

  • chemical name;
  • Cas number;
  • safety data sheets (SDSs); and
  • evidence or documentation proving the chemical has been used in the Vietnamese market (this can include purchasing contracts and invoices).

Once registered online, companies will be able to search the site for chemicals. The search results will give their status, which falls into four categories:

  • nominated and verified – for this group, no further action is required. The chemicals have been included on the draft inventory;
  • nominated with some documentation – chemical substances that have been nominated, but have not yet been verified. In this case, companies can choose to attach further evidence or documentation. They are encouraged to submit additional evidence if feasible. If a company declines to do so, and any information submitted by another company looking to nominate the same substance is also deemed insufficient, the substance will not be added to the draft list of chemicals;
  • nominated – chemical substances that have been nominated but no documentation submitted. If no evidence is provided for these chemicals, they will not be added to the draft inventory; and
  • not nominated – if not listed, then these chemical substances have not yet been nominated. Companies can do so and submit the required evidence.
Vietnam National chemical inventory nominations reopened by Authorities

Vietnam has reopened the nomination of chemicals for inclusion in its draft national inventory until 15 April next year. 

In the first round of nominations, the Vietnamese Centre for Emergency Response to Chemicals (VCERC) accepted submissions from industry from early April until 30 May this year, after which it would begin checking and verifying the nominated substances. It was the final opportunity for industry to nominate substances. 

After May’2020 several industry bodies raised concerns previously about the lack of time to gather the required information and also because of the world pandemic situation, so this time it has given a longer period of six months to make submissions. 

Authorities expects to complete and publish the national chemical inventory in 2021 or 2022. 

After the inventory is published, any substance which is not listed on it or not officially recognised by Vietnam, will be considered as a new chemical and subject to risk assessment. More clarity is expected on how new chemicals will be regulated by the authorities. 

Following information needs to be submitted for doing the nomination on Vietnamese chemical inventory and it has to be done by the Vietnamese legal entity 

  • chemical name; 

  • Cas number; 

  • safety data sheets (SDSs); and 

  • evidence or documentation proving the chemical has been used in the Vietnamese market (this can include purchasing contracts and invoices). 

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